Our Vision

is that by the time your students graduate from high school they would be a student of the word, confident in Christ, and a missionary in all contexts. 

We accomplish this vision through our mission of Empowering students who share the gospel, Equipping Students to grow in their faith, and Encouraging families that minister to their children.

The word was with God and the Word was God. Being a student of the Word is being a student of Christ. In our Christian walk we must understand that we should never stop growing in our knowledge of God. Even the angels don’t know all there is to know about Christ. We rest in awe of the supreme reign of Christ as king of the heavens and earth. 

We aim for your children to hunger and thirst for righteousness - valuing the importance of meeting together as saints but not relying on it for their spiritual growth. We want to teach students in word and truth as they begin to study God’s word in their own personal devotions that will outlast their time in our student ministry. We pray that God’s Word would be a lamp to their feet in their future; in marriage, occupation, and outlook on all that God has in store for them.

We want to bring up disciples that grow in their faith. Every human starts their relationship with God in a hostile environment. We have all broken God’s perfect law, and deserve to be separated from Him. But God, who is rich in mercy sent His Son, Jesus, to pay a price that we couldn’t afford as the propitiation for our sins. God forgives those that believe in Christ as their Savior and confess their need for Him for the forgiveness of their sins. 

There are many students that are curious about our awesome God. They have a lot of questions about God and His purpose for their life. We want students to grow from curiosity to confidence in Christ by the time they leave our student ministry. This starts with a relationship with Christ and a continuous desire to grow as they find their identity in Christ alone.

We believe that when you know the richness of Christ and are obeying what he commands you will see God’s fruit in your life. There will be conversations with peers in the hallways of school, in the drive through at Chick-fil-A, and in the years to come where students can share the Good-News of Jesus Christ. We pray that they would fan the flame of the Holy Spirit to guide them in all conversations and reach their generation and the next.

Everywhere our students go and in every thing they do for as long as they live there is an understanding that they are representing Christ as their LORD. We will empower students with the tools and knowledge to be a missionary in all context.

You Belong Here

at Fairview Students! We are a safe place for students to explore the bible, ask real questions, and discover their PURPOSE in Life. 

Wednesday nights are geared towards teaching students how to grow in the Word, in their relationship with God and their community, and how to serve God in their cultural context (school, home, extracurriculars, work, etc). 

Every Sunday at 9:00am your child will learn to understand and live out God’s word. We do that using Explore the Bible curriculum, which is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that teaches through the Bible one book at a time —presenting the story of redemption through Jesus!

We provide opportunities for fellowship and accountability through strategic events. These are great connection points for new students who are looking for a body of believers to connect with and for students who desire to grow in their faith. For updates and more details, you can follow us on Instagram @fairviewstudentstx or you can text @fviewstu to 81010.



September 22nd | See You at the Pole | Middle Schools & High Schools all over the world

September 22nd | Saw You at the Pole | 6:45p | First Baptist Church Sherman


October 8th | Glow in the Dark Kickball | 6:00p | Green Area in front of Fairview